Sectors we work in
We focused on several sectors in Construction Industry and are working hard to provide the best quality service on the field that we know well.
Urban Planing, Residential & Public

Our Team is highly performed in Residential Design and Urban Planning. We are in love to work with complicated reconstruction or new projects placed in the hearts of the cities.

We provide complex services for Russian and foreign companies who involved in Residential and Public Construction Projects in Russia.

We usually act as Consultant, Adviser or Subcontractor for Your project and provide several services for Your Clients better outcomes, as:

  • Technical Consultations
  • Engineering Works and Calculations
  • BIM Modeling, Coordination & Management
  • Russian Design & Construction Codes Compliance
  • Indoor and Outdoor Visualisations
  • Drawings for Stage 2 to Stage 4 (RIBA)
  • 3D-Laser Scanning
  • Design Project Support and Management
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Private Residential
We are working only on unique private houses.
In this field we provide:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Visualisations
  • Drawings for Stage 2 to Stage 4
  • BIM Modelling & Coordination
  • Technical Documentation (Stage 4) for Interior Design
  • Local Material, Supplier and Contractor Selection
  • Construction Project Support and Management
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Industrial Buildings
Modern industrial projects are highly complicated, especially in technological and MEP Design. In the Industrial Construction Sector we concentrated on BIM services, as:

  • BIM Modeling & Coordination
  • 3D-Coordination
  • BIM Based Calculations
  • 3D-Laser Scanning
  • As-Build BIM Modelling
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