Our services
For any Client we allocate best qualified Team for our possibilities to solve any problem and to find the best way to support You and Your Client in design and construction of Your building.

Our work is to select the best specialists in Russia and manage them well to reach a better outcomes in every part of Your project.
We are professionals in Building Information Modelling and we provide Your Building Model in the 1:1 scale.

We use Revit software in most of our projects and working with IFC if it's required. Our BIM-services will be helpful if Your Design Project need:

  • Transit 2D Drawings into the BIM
  • Coordinate all Design Disciplines across
  • Calculate Materials and Scope of Works
  • Provide the BoQ's
  • Reach Your Client EIR
  • Realise best performed Technical Documentation
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Design Adaptation & Compliance
Anyone who has ever worked in Russia knows, that Russian Design Codes are complicated, old-school and dump.

Our work here is to find the way how to engage Your architectural and engineering ideas with Russian Design Codes and save Your vision of the building. This is long term consulting and advisory work that should allocate highly qualified people to be done.

We can be involved at any Stage of works for providing:

  • Russian Design Codes Compliance
  • Project Coordination
  • Technical Drawings
  • Engineering Calculation and Support
  • Technical Translations
  • Negotiations Support
and anything You need.

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Building Design Consulting &

If You are planning to start a Design Project in Russia or just planning to enter Russian construction market, we will be useful for:

  • Project Strategy Analysis
  • Project Execution Planing
  • Consulting in Russian Design Codes
  • Your Representative on the territory of Russia
  • Partners and Subcontractors Selection
  • Design Market Research and Inside Information
and more.

We will be Yours eyes and hands on the Russian construction market.

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